Acupressure is a complementary and an alternative medicine procedure which is used in conjugation with acupuncture. This technique is based on the theory of energy pathways called “meridian”. The names of these pathways are kept based on different organs present in the human body. Hence, in this technique physical stress is exerted on myofascial trigger points which are also referred to as acupuncture points. These pressure points are located near the meridians.

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The main purpose of acupressure is to clear out the meridians from all sorts of obstruction. So that every nooks and corner of the body can receive their share of energy. Studies have revealed that acupressure has proved to be effective in treating nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach ache and the rest. Although there are numerous benefits of this conventional medicinal method, it is most commonly used in shedding weight. Acupressure mats are being used widely for reducing body fat.    

What Is The Working Principle Of Acupressure Mats?

The acupressure mats are of the same size and shape like yoga mats but are slightly different from the latter. These mats consist of sharp needle-like spikes that are uniformly distributed throughout the mat in a rosette-like arrangement. As in the case of acupuncture, needles are injected into the body to relieve pain. Similarly, in acupressure mats, the spikes present on them perform the same function. So, the moment your body comes in contact with these spikes, all the pain, stresses and sufferings fade away.

So if you have a sore neck, back or have an ache at any area of your body you can treat it by using these mats. The pointed spikes put pressure on the tissues of the ached area without scarring or bruising the skin. It is recommended to lie on these mats for about 10 to 20 minutes to mitigate the pain in your body.

How Do Acupressure Mats Aid In Weight Loss?   

Acupressure mats are being used for reducing body weight for quite some time now. The operating principle is pretty simple to understand. The spikes on these mats exert pressure on trigger points also called “acupoints”. The pressure stimulates the endocrine glands (pituitary gland) to release endorphins which are responsible for reducing pain and stress.

It is known to every individual that when a person is stressed out he feels more starved. So, he starts consuming more food to satiate himself and ends up getting morbidly obese. By using these acupressure mats, the brain releases endorphin hormones which reduce the stress levels thus making you feel less starved.

How to Use Acupressure Mats for Weight Loss?

Everybody desires of having a slim and slender physique. Thus, for this purpose people try to adopt different and weird diet patterns and routines which sometimes do not work. Acupressure mats have gained a lot of recognition in the recent decade. Although, it takes a great deal of time for the outcomes to show but with a balanced diet the process gets accelerated.  So here is how one can shed some kilos by using acupressure mats in the following way;

Since acupoints are located in different regions of the body thus different body exercises on the acupressure mats can help in weight loss. For instance,

  • There is a total of eight trigger points present in our hands which should not be ignored in acupressure therapy. So, placing the palms firmly on the acupressure mats for a couple of minutes would lower the pain. By doing this exercise you not only make your fingers and hands strong but also help in losing weight.
  • People usually face difficulty in losing fat tissues present in the back region of the body. So to keep yourself fit, you should lie flat on the back on these mats. Since there are many pressure points present in this area, the pain in your back is alleviated efficiently. Doing this exercise even for about 10 minutes while breathing deeply would give successful outcomes.
  • Like hands and back, there are many trigger points present in the lower extremities. By doing workouts on these mats that focus more on lower limbs would help in reducing stress. A 10 to 20 minutes workout session is enough for stimulating endorphin secretion in the body which will successfully reduce weight.
  • Whenever we are exhausted or overworked the part of the body which gets affected is the neck region. The muscles of our neck and shoulders sore very quickly. Therefore, by placing the acupressure mat on this region would proficiently reduce muscles tightness and uneasiness. Exerting pressure at this section of the body even for ten minutes every single day would keep your health in order.
  • To say that feet are one of the sensitive parts of the body, will not be wrong. This is mainly due to the reason that several neural pathways are making contact in this area. This means that there are numerous pressure points present here. So, pressing your feet on these mats for about a few minutes would activate the endorphin centres of the brain. Endorphins released in sufficient concentration would bring out the anticipated results in your body.

So, this is how acupressure mats are highly effective in reducing body weight by doing different exercises. However, it must be remembered that controlling diet is also very much important in acupressure therapy.

Some Benefits of Acupressure Mats:

They Are An Economical Way Of Releasing Stress:

Anti-depressants, anxiolytic drugs or stress relievers are not new to the people of this era. These strong dose medications have become so popular in our society that they can be purchased like any other over the counter drugs. Also, these medications are very costly due to this reason a normal individual cannot afford them. Hence, acupressure mats are an economical way of pain and stress relieving.

They Regulate Our Sleeping Patterns:

By lying on an acupressure mat, you can alleviate some mental and physical pressure from your body. As a person eases up, he can sleep well. So, we can also say that these mats can also be used to treat insomnia other than reducing weight.

They Are Convenient To Use:

Like yoga mats, acupressure mats are user-friendly. An individual does not have to go to an instructor or to some clinic to get the treatment. People can buy these mats easily and can treat themselves at their homes. Since these mats require less space and can be rolled down easily therefore they can be carried to any place you go.

Acupressure mats also help in managing other health problems like decreasing blood pressure, constipation, insomnia, body ache and the rest. Even though these mats are safe to use for everybody type but it is still contraindicated for certain individuals. Those individuals who have sensitive skin or are physically in poor health should avoid using these mats.

As the person grows, the skin loses its elasticity thus, ageing people must not use these mats. As a slight pressure from the spikes would produce scratch marks on the skin. Also, a pregnant woman should avoid using these mats.

So, if you are young and are capable of tolerating some stress than you should consider using acupressure mats for weight loss.      

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